Thursday, August 27, 2009

Round and Round and Round

Yesterday, we headed up to Cincinnati Children's for the aural rehabilitation evaluation. Ryan has been progressing so well in his speech and language and things have been going along very smoothly since he received his BAHA. I really thought everything had been mapped out as to what decisions we needed to make, felt like we knew the timeline we were looking at for surgeries, all of our therapies were in place, etc. Even though we have still yet to make any decisions, we knew and understood the options available and felt as if we were in a holding pattern until decisions were made and he met the age requirements. According to the tests administered yesterday, he is doing well and his language is on target with his "typical" developing peers. However, The therapist did recommend that he receive 6 months to a year of aural rehabilitation. Yesterday, I was also told for the second time (two different audiologists) that he would benefit from a second BAHA - making it one for both sides. I do not know if this something that the main audiologist is going to start pushing for or not. It has just been brought up twice since June. I won't even go into the problems we went through to get BAHA #1 - I will , however, be shocked if insurance will support BAHA #2. Once Ryan returns to school next week, I will begin a new "To Do" list trying to figure out who can provide the aural rehabilitation services (school, private therapist, etc) , calls to the insurance company, yada yada yada. Although he behaves and functions like any other 4 year old, I know that I have a special needs child and that all of this is part of raising a child with a special needs. Like most moms I want to do everything that I can to get his needs met when it comes to getting him the services necessary to help build a strong foundation for learning and life. Because he is doing so well and is such a sharp lil' guy, I must admit that most days I do forget that he is classified as "special needs". I think that this is probably a good thing most of the time as he is treated the same and we have high yet, achievable/reasonable expectations for him just as we do for Morgan and Rylee. Yes, we do make some adaptations when it comes to language and hearing, but all-in-all he rolls right alongside us and has absolutely no problems doing so.
So, back onto the merry-go-round we go... (Insert carousel music here)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous & Finally Four!

It has been a long week waiting for the "BIG" day! Ryan has been so excited about his birthday. He absolutely loves birthdays. They can be anyone's birthday, he is one that loves cake and ice cream. It was an exhausting day, but a great one as we spent it together as a family! We started off the morning with a hike to the Pinnacles. We hiked for approximately 2 1/2 hours. Let's say that it was a tough hike on us all and it was quite humid - ugh. While hiking, Rylee was concerned about bears while Ryan was asking if he would see a walrus. I wish that we could say that we saw both, but sadly we did not! We saw lots of other neat things, however. We just took our time to observe the nature around us (what a great excuse to catch our breath and rest our aching bodies). We found a centipede, watched butterflies, found a bright green fly looking bug, and observed a tiny ant carry off a huge dry pea snack that one of the kids dropped. Mike found a nut shell and convinced the kids that it was a pig's nose. He then proceeded to tell them that the pig took it off so that he could go play with his friends just like Ryan takes his BAHA off when he is playing rough. Mike told them that they should leave it where they found it so that the pig would be able to find it. Yes, the Costanzas are gullible. So, on the way down the mountain we were on the lookout for the pig. Umm... We didn't see him either. After our hike, we headed straight to the movie theater to see "UP". From there, Ryan's dinner request was Faz*l*'s. He filled up on his fettuccine alfredo and bread sticks and then was more than ready to head home as he knew there were presents and cake waiting there for him. So, the partying continued. A little turtle cake, ice cream, and presents!! Ryan had no hesitation blowing out the candles and I am sure his wish will come true. Now for a few pictures ....