Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do You Hear It?

The angels singing? Believe it or not, I actually SPOKE TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE!!! Yes, someone answered the phone when I called today! We have the go ahead to get a new CT scan done by the 2nd May 2008 doctor mentioned in our earlier post. So, I will hopefully be able to have our pediatrician begin that process and we will get that scheduled soon. Once again, we don't think there will be much difference as both doctors use the same rating scale. But, I do know that God is God and He has moved mountains when it comes to Ryan. I know. I know. I keep saying that, but it is true and we fully believe it. We are fully prepared that Ryan won't be a candidate now that the shock has worn off, but would not be surprised if there "happened" to be a change in the results.

Friday, May 21, 2010



May 2008 Our ENT says that Ryan is a good candidate for surgery and even says that we might need to schedule it a month later so that he has a greater opportunity to develop language.

May 2008 A surgeon reads Ryan's CT scan and lists out everything in technical terms about what is present in Ryan's middle/inner ear structure, but requests that we send information once Ryan is closer to 5 or 6 years of age.

May 2010 (yesterday) A different surgeon tells us that Ryan scored a 3 on his right ear and a 5 on his left ear on a 10 point scale. 3 = 30% chance of restoring hearing 5 = 50% chance of restoring hearing. This surgeon does not recommend surgery for scores 0-5. His recommendation is a BAHA. Now, that is our interpretation of the results as we understand them via web information. We have yet to speak to anyone by phone and have just been communicating by email.

Based on all the previous doctor interactions, I never anticipated these results! I am puzzled and just merely shocked!! I was prepared for one ear not being a possible option, but never thought that both ears would be out of the question.

Where do we go from here? We will go back to the other surgeon that was requesting information and have another CT scan just as a second opinion. If he scores the scans differently (which does not appear very promising) then we will take it from there as far as decision making goes. If not, we will continue to look into the outer ear reconstruction and putting the post in for his BAHA. At this point, the combined surgery (outer and inner ear) is not an option for Ryan.

Although we are shocked, we are thankful that God is guiding us and closing the doors for us along the way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Answers. Today. Hopefully!

Well, I received an email this morning saying that Ryan's records are in the doctor's inbox for review. She indicated that we might hear something later this afternoon!! Hopefully, he will be able to read the scan and that we won't have to go for another one. Hopefully, we will have some answers as to whether he is a candidate for atresia repair. By knowing this information, we can begin to process the whole kaboodle, begin to map out a plan, and begin to research if there will be any insurance coverage or not. It is a step-by-step process at this point for us. Stay tuned - Hope to post some news again tonight!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


That is me... Really trying not to be, but am nonetheless. After a week and a half of waiting, we spoke to the doctor's office in CA regarding Ryan's surgeries. I was half crazy (okay, maybe more than half crazy) waiting for them to return my calls last week and began questioning whether or not we should even be walking down this path. It was merely my lack of patience and anxiousness to get the ball rolling in MY time! Thankfully, God's timing is perfect and the woman called while Mike was home. She was so nice and even though our hearts are heavy over how we are going to make this happen, we know that God already knows the plan. Earlier that day, I was frustrated beyond belief and decided that I was just going to go ahead and send in the CT scan and audiogram to them. I knew the doctor would need these to review in order to assess whether or not Ryan was a candidate for aural repair (canalplasty - creating the ear canal, ear drum, etc) and figured someone would have to call me then. Yep, me trying to gain some sense of control. Well, those should arrive in CA tomorrow and the doctor will be in on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Hopefully, he will have time to review them this week and then we will know what our options are for Ryan. I know without a doubt that God is going to teach me some valuable lessons through this whole experience. Whether we are able to go through this entire journey or not he is going to teach me the lessons that He wants me to learn! Just knowing some of our "road blocks" I know that we are going to have to lean and trust Him more than we may ever have before...