Saturday, October 20, 2007


Okay...I am certifiably insane now...The wait is driving me bonkers...At any given time, one place or another in our house looks like an F5 tornado has hit... Mike is beginning to see the pattern and just runs and ducks for cover! He says I am "nesting" - I prefer to say that I am just completely out of my mind! The most recent place that Tornado Darcy hit was the scrapbook room...For some insane reason I decided that I needed to "organize" my scrapbook papers...Now mind you, my papers were already organized and sitting very nicely on my shelf and I could almost put my finger on any given pattern or color if someone needed it. But, I got this itch to "organize" them. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID... My paper supply is nearly 17 inches thick. Yes, you read that right. Well, I couldn't do on paper holder at a time, I had to start dumping them all out and shuffling them around the room. Have you ever had a project that once you started in, you didn't know where to begin? I literally sat there for a long time (won't go into how long) trying to figure out how to sort these papers. Mike told me he would just throw them back into the holders, but I was so determined that I was going to "organize" these silly papers that I shooed him away...Well, it took 2 days to do it, but it is done! They look nice and I feel like I accomplished something, but don't ask me where any pattern or certain paper is because I could not tell you!!

Yes, I know I need to "be still" and wait upon God's perfect timing, but isn't it just like human nature to try and take control of those menial/trivial matters that in the big scheme of things mean absolutely nothing just so that we feel like we have some control. God is 100% in control of this adoption and he is showing us that every step of the way, but can I just sit back and accept that...No, I have to be doing...Well, this next week my goal is going to be to not destroy anything, organize any thing, rearrange anything, I am going to sit back and "be still"!! This is going to be tough!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 45

We have been waiting now for 45 days for China to respond to our request to adopt Ryan...Thankfully, we had baseball, school, and painting/room rearranging to keep our minds occupied. Now that things have slowed down around here significantly, the wait is becoming more and more difficult! You are literally in a holding pattern at this stage of the game - There is virtually no communication with anyone involved in the adoption (China, social worker at the homestudy agency, or the international adoption agency). The phone rings and you jump hoping that it is "THE CALL!" Lately, I have been walking around in a bit of a cloud and begun thinking "Does this little boy really exist?" - "Is he really going to become part of our family?" Of course, I know it is crazy, but the experience seems so surreal. It is amazing that God would have us walk down this path that although we are adopting from the same country, the adoption process is so radically different! With Rylee, China chose the child for us. They sent us her pictures and medical records. We were the ones that was required to submit a formal acceptance. After this was sent, we pretty much began the process of preparing to travel. With this adoption, however, we chose the child. We now have to wait for China to send us a formal acceptance. After we receive that, we will travel. Isn't that just like God to keep us on our toes and to add that little "spice" to our life just when we have become confident in our own abilities and understanding. It is funny to go back two years 2 years ago and to see that although things are radically different today, they are still somewhat the same...Waiting for our family to become complete.