Tuesday, October 3, 2006

(Insert our last name here) ...HERE! Yes, we are here!!!! It has been a bit crazy around our home. We are really looking forward to October as things are beginning to slow down a bit. This post is to update everyone on Baby (Insert our last name here) #3. Yes, although you have not heard much about it since we made the commitment to adopt again, we are still in the process of completing the paperwork. Our dossier (aka paperwork for China) is nearly complete and all we are really waiting for is one little piece of paper called our I171-H that is issued from US Citizenship and Immigration. Once we receive that we will go to our county office and the state level for their notarization/authentication. From there, we send it to Washington D.C, back to our adoption agency, and finally to China. Once in China, the agency office in China will translate the information and submit it to the China Center for Adoption Affairs. Once they log it in, our clock starts ticking....The last referrals ran 14 months. UGH! Anyway, our home study is complete and we are almost done paperchasing - There will be lots of celebration on the day that it is out of our hands!

In addition to this paperwork, I have been having to write monthly reports for Rylee and submitting pictures each month. Her final post-placement visit is scheduled for tomorrow so, I will soon be free of adoption paperwork - For awhile that is...YEAH!!!!

We have already come up with a name, but we want to keep you in suspense a bit longer --- I have already tried to change the name, but the boys are holding me accountable. Here are a few of our considerations...

a) Bailey (For Champ Bailey, a football player for some NFL team - Morgan knows)
b) Addison Grace
c) Grace
d) Madison
e) Madilyn
f) Abigail/Abbey
g) Taylor

We know that God has very special plans for this little girl as He turned three hearts around 180 degrees. We are so excited to meet her and to see His plan unfold for her life!

Check in again soon as I have more to post....

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