Thursday, December 7, 2006

Breaking News....

Ha! Bet that headline caught your attention... Sorry for not posting lately. Kinda' doing the hustling and bustling holiday thing...Shopping, wrapping, running to the post office, starting the Christmas letter, crumpling up the newsletter and starting again, etc., etc., etc... Hopefully, I will have some time this weekend to post a few things.

Well, here is the breaking news...
We finally have our LID (log in date). Our paperwork was logged in, in China, on November 21st. Yeah!!!! So, the countdown of 14 months began on this date. Mind you, this is only the countdown toward the referral (information and picture of our lil' (insert name - still keeping it a secret - here) and not the date for travel. Also, the 14 months can either speed up, slow down, or remain the same. It is all in the hands of the China Affairs office and God.

Til next time...Sleep tight!

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