Saturday, March 1, 2008


A quick update: Ryan had his second hearing test and the CT scan at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital on Wednesday...Although he responded better this time, the audiologist was not satisfied with the results so, we go back again in 3 weeks - They wanted to wait another month, but we are anxious to get this moving along as we feel that every week that he has to go without any aid with his hearing is another week that he is losing language. On Friday we received a phone call from the hospital about the CT scan. Unfortunately, all the nurse could say was what the dr. had written in his notes (which did not answer our immediate questions). Basically, all we discovered is that his CT scan showed results that were consistent with other children with this same condition (whatever that means) and that he would be a candidate for reconstructive surgery if we/he chose to go that route. Our immediate questions involve knowing what actual structures he does have and whether or not each is working. Mike will be making a call to the doctor this week to get some of those answers. Ryan began receiving services this week...He has a speech therapist and a deaf education teacher from our district coming once a week. We are using both speech and sign with him and it has been so amazing to watch him grow! He is picking up new words every day!! We are finally beginning to understand one another! YIPPEEE!!!

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