Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Adoption Update

Well, here is the newest update....I am really beginning to think that my joke about signing adoption papers at the same time I am signing my membership papers for AARP is going to come true!! Here is the message we received today:

"Last night, the early morning for China, the CCAA posted the news that families with LIDs up to 10-26-2005 received referrals this month. A Helping Hand did not have any families logged in between 10-24-2005 and 10-27-2005. We know and understand that this news can be frustrating as you wait for your referral and struggle with the growing wait. Please know that you have our empathy."

OH MY GOODNESS! (As Morgan would say, "Whatz up with that, dude?" ) In an entire 4 week span, China only sent out referrals for 3 days. They were sending them out a month at a time....At this rate, I hate to estimate when we will be going. It is very frustrating, but at the same time in our hearts we know without a shadow of a doubt that God knew this was going to be our journey when he sent us down this path.

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