Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Twists and Turns...

yet moving forward!! This whole process has been one wild ride. Although it has been a winding journey, every step of the way we have felt peace and have felt that we are making some progress (no matter how small). We made another trip to Cincinnati Children's today as the doctor wanted to meet with us face-to-face. As we suspected, he has recommended that we postpone Ryan's surgery until he is older. We are thankful for his recommendation as we were prepared to tell him that we were going to opt to wait on the surgery, if he had given us the choice. His last test results have shocked everyone involved - not sure why this surprises us after all that we have witnessed since we first saw Ryan on the agency's website... We will continue to monitor Ryan's speech and language closely to insure that he continues to progress and he will continue to wear his BAHA. Within the next 6 months, if the BAHA continues to serve him well, we will consider taking it off the soft band and having the titanium rod implanted so that he can wear it that way. We will then postpone the surgery until he is 5-6+ years old. We are so blessed to have such wonderful resources in our area and it has been an awesome experience to witness Ryan hear the sounds that we take for granted each and every day!!

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