Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Costanzas

Move over...Jon & Kate Plus 8....The "Circus" is coming to a network near you! I am telling you...We only have 2 little ones, but boy can they come up with some doozies...Here are a few pictures of their latest game...

What are they doing you ask? Ummm... Playing doggie - Ryan is Scooter. Oh, and look at the leash..Wait! That's not a leash - That is Ryan's BAHA (hearing device)! Yes, his brand new $4,000+ BAHA that we spent months negotiating with our insurance company over. It fell off and the clip is still attached to his shirt so that it won't break if it falls off. Hmmm...Hey, why not play dog with it! OH MY GOODNESS!! Let's just say, we had a nice little "discussion" this evening!

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