Friday, March 20, 2009

I received this picture yesterday from another mom that recently adopted a little girl from Ryan's orphanage in Ch*n*. I think the staff must have taken the picture on her roll of film so that it would be passed along to us as the staff knew that we had connected. The timing of it is pretty funny based upon yesterday's post and the fact that they used our orphanage donation to create/redesign/furnish (not exactly sure what was done) the "Medical, Rehabilitation, and Psychological Consulting Room". As part of the adoption expenses for Ch**a, families are required to donate a large sum of money to the orphanages where the children are adopted. It basically helps with the expenses for raising the children during the time they were there. You typically pay the fee (in crisp, uncirculated cash), but have no idea how it was used. You have to obey and trust and just hope that it is used for it's intended purpose. After we are finished with doing what we have been called to do, it is totally out of our hands and up to the receiver to do what he/she is called to do. Hmm...seeing any parallels there? I am realizing the parallels as I write...When God calls us to do something, we must trust and obey and leave the rest up to Him! Sometimes, we will see the fruits of our obedience and often times we will not. We were so thrilled to see how our gift was used at Ryan's orphanage.

Note: The last name has been blurred for internet purposes.

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