Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Friends

As much as technology can sometimes consume our lives and annoy us, I must say that it has been an awesome way to meet other people that we might not have met otherwise. Last night, we had a wonderful family over from our area for dinner. They adopted a child with the same condition as Ryan approximately 6 months after we adopted Ryan and Silas is a year younger than Ryan. And actually, he was on the agency's waiting child list after Ryan - Morgan and I fell in love with his precious little face. Both our families see the same doctors in Cincinnati and both boys have BAHAs. How great for Ryan to have a buddy that looks like him and wears a BAHA too. It was wonderful to fellowship with another family that is experiencing many of the same issues and dilemmas that we are. Rylee had a blast with their two daughters and is right between their two girls age wise. We had a blast and look forward to getting together again! Thanks for coming G***h family!!

Note: Not sure what happened. My pictures did not come out well at all! My settings must have moved - I really, really hate when that happens!!


  1. How fun! A blogger meet-up. I read both blogs now - thanks to NHBO! Glad you all had a fun night.

  2. Welcome to Deaf Village! I hope you'll make a lot of new virtual friends through DV, too, though I agree -- nothing is as good as a real-life "just like me!" friend. Great for kiddos and their self esteem!

    --Elizabeth, DV Co-Founder and Moderator