Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Atresia Repair - Option or Not An Option?!?

Today, we received a phone call from Dr. #2 regarding the atresia repair surgery (inner ear reconstruction). And, the answer was the same as Dr. #1. Atresia repair surgery is not an option for Ryan. He scored a 4-4.5 in his right ear and a 5 in his left ear. Obviously a 40-50% chance of restoring hearing is not enough to justify the procedure or risk. This doctor was so nice and if anyone is looking for a good ENT in the state of Virginia, email me!! We are thankful that God has been so gentle with us along the way and that He has given us such great peace!! We will review this doctor's written report once we receive it and may ask a few questions as he did mention surgery for the purpose of wearing a traditional hearing aid. This door has closed and we will begin to walk down this next path of outer ear reconstruction. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have gone out concerning Ryan and this particular surgery.

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