Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am just not sure how this is happening...I have for all tense and purposes 3 hours to myself each day and I am utterly exhausted and have even less time than ever. I am suppose to have more time especially since everyone is on a somewhat normal schedule and children are in the same vicinity. What is happening here?!? All my big plans are just not going as planned. I hate to say how many hours have been spent in doctor's offices in the last week between two well child visits, a new patient visit to an ENT, and an excruciating visit to the eye specialist at the big "University" hospital in our area today. Then, there has been the chauffeuring Mike around as we attempt to get Herbie back on the road with his engine adjustments and wheels. There has also been the frantic sprint to complete the renovations enough so that the building and electrical inspector could come out and do a final inspection. Oh, dear! Good news is that we passed the inspection and the Certificate of Occupancy should be in the mail. Bad news is we still have lots of renovation work ahead and Ryan now needs glasses. Good news is the glasses got ordered today and it appears that he has enough "ear" to rest his glasses on and his BAHA band will secure it enough to hold the glasses in place and I have had an opportunity to have lots of waiting room "one-on-one" time with my boys.
Wish I could fast forward to Thursday and Friday as we have nothing written on the calendar except a trip to see the circus (part of Ryan's birthday gift)... Aaah...Calm mornings ahead, perhaps!?!

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