Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh my goodness...I had no idea!

A woman from church who has been waiting for her grandchild for a long time now came up this past Sunday to show me the referral pictures that they had received last Monday. The little girl was precious and I am so excited that another family is finally bringing home their baby girl. After looking at the photo, I had to wonder where we would be right now if God had not led us to Ryan. I was shocked to see the results of an online calculator that is watching the statistics of China's adoption referrals. Now mind you, paperwork was logged into China on November 21, 2006. Based upon this calculator, we would not be receiving a referral until April 28, 2010 and another site said October 29, 2012. This was a total shock and I am just dumbfounded - For Rylee, we waited 8-9 months. In a year's time, the wait has changed to 3 years and 5 months (in the very least, if these calculators are in any way accurate). Now, I do realize that it could turn around the other direction in that same amount of time...doubtful, but entirely possible. I am thankful that we did not have to totally endure this long wait and hope the long wait time will not deter families from considering adopting from China as there are so many in the orphanages needing a family!!

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