Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ryan had appointments at Cincinnati Children's Hospital today. He saw both the audiologist and Dr. Choo. The audiology screening went incredibly well and they were able to teach Ryan in no time to place a ring on the toy and to drop a toy in the bucket when he heard the tones and sounds. He did great and we got even more information than the last test as they were able to use the headphones to isolate each ear. With the bone conductor on, his results were consistent with the test back in late March. He has a slight loss (with the bone conductor on) in the 2000 level. Other than that, it is within the normal range with his BAHA. Without his BAHA, he has a moderate conductive loss in his right ear and a moderate to severe loss in his left ear. Dr. Choo was great and really we do not have any decisions to make until he is between 5-6 years old. At that time, we will have decide whether or not to move forward with a canalplasty (reconstruction - construction in Ryan's case of the ear canals, ear drums, and bones). We believe the BAHA saga is taken care of with our insurance company which was a huge headache so, we believe we are finally on the way to Ryan having his very own BAHA and are now sure that the BAHA is serving him well! We are now on the 6 month cycle and will not need to take the trek up to Cincinnati as often as we have since Ryan arrived home.

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