Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes, there are many things in life that I have waited anxiously for...The day we got married, Morgan to be born, the day we left for China to meet Rylee, Mike and Morgan's arrival home from China, and for this little, white box to show up in our mailbox. What is it, you ask? The replacement BAHA - Who knew exactly how delicate this little contraption is! While Ryan took his shirt off last weekend, the BAHA fell to the floor from his level (as it had done before). After doing so, I put it back on him and it began making horrible, amplified, crackling sounds. I tried troubleshooting the problem (changing batteries, tapping the processor/black box, etc) and could not get it back into running order. Let me just tell you.... It was the longest week waiting for the problem to be resolved! Ryan had temper tantrums because he could see his soft band and wanted his "BAHA" right then and there! He was constantly screaming, yelling "What?, What?", and was just generally out of sorts. Add on to all of this, his first week of school and not being able to understand everything going on around him. It was very trying and stressful for us all. Seeing that little, white box in the mailbox today brought a sense of peace. After opening it up and reattaching the processor to the band, I took it down to Ryan and announced "BAHA fixed!" - Oh, how I wish I had my camera handy. His face lit up and we all did the "Happy Dance!" All I can say is "Aaaaaahhh!"

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