Monday, December 21, 2009

Saving Our Pennies & Nickels & Dimes...

"Save your pennies!" Those were the exact words from one of the office staff at the doctor's office in California we have been consulting with regarding Ryan's surgeries to repair the microtia (outer ear). We hadn't had any contact with them since our initial contact a year ago when we sent Ryan's medical records and pictures. Since then, we had done some very preliminary scans of our health insurance policy and felt as if we had found the loophole that addressed "congenital birth defects". Since they have recommended that Ryan be 6 years old when they begin the surgeries, it is really too soon for them to answer our "out of the pocket" costs questions as so much can change with insurance policies - And now, good ole' O**m*'s health care plan might mix it all up further. It appears that it is going to be best for us to begin the surgeries in January of 2012 due to meeting deductibles and such. There will be 5 surgeries in all just for the outer ears and all will be done in CA. Anesthesiologists, medical center, etc are "In Network" while the doctors are "Out of Network"... UGH!! I am so confused and still have no real answers except this is going to be a long road with no real answers until we are ready to dive in. So, I guess we will take their advice and start saving our pennies. We are going to have to get creative!!

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