Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ryan's New Exercise Regimen

After 7 weeks, we were finally able to get back to speech therapy. The snow days all seemed to fall on the days we were scheduled for therapy and then last week Ryan was sick. It was great to get back to work. After talking more with the therapist, we believe that it is crucial that Ryan strengthen his tongue and jaw muscles and gain more control over them. We believe that this might help him with his sounds as so many of them are very lateral and sound so sloshy. When in a conversation, it becomes even worse as the conversation progresses as his muscles might be weakening So, we will be using a crazy straw to drink from, chew gum, eating Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts, encouraging him to eat with his mouth closed more often (he is really bad at smacking his food), and then sticking a raisin or peanut butter in the bottom pockets of his gums and getting him to retrieve it with his tongue. I do not know if this lack of strength and control is due to his diagnosis or due to the fact that he was not really eating table food prior to coming home. I am hopeful that this will help him and that we might begin seeing some progress in the weeks to come!

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  1. LOL - crazy straws, tootsie rolls and starbursts? He must LOVE your therapists :) My oldest son is supposed to use a straw to correct his habit of swallowing with his tongue pressing against his teeth. Trying NOT to undue 5 years of expensive ortho. The other kids must be jealous?! :)