Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today we went to Cincinnati Children's for Ryan's hearing evaluation. We had not been in 9 months - yikes! It took Ryan a few minutes to get acclimated to the whole stimuli/response process, but once he settled in he was ready to rock and roll!! He was not at all thrilled with the tight fitting earphones and let the audiologist and her assistance know they were not comfortable and that the whole procedure was taking way too long! I had no idea until I came out and looked at the clock that we had been in there for over an hour! Evidently, the audiologist has seen evidence to support that two BAHAs are making some significant differences for some of her patients. upposedly, the extra BAHA is helping some children better localize the sound and is helping them discriminate between some phonological sounds. A few weeks ago, I truly realized that although Ryan can hear my voice, he is unable to distinguish where it is coming from. He was wandering through the house trying to find me while calling my name. I was in Morgan's room hanging something up in his closet and asked Ryan what he needed. He began asking where I was - By the way, he was in his room right next to Morgan's room. So, I decided to play a little game with him and instructed him to follow my voice. Well, he was all over the house, upstairs and downstairs, trying to find me. I was completely shocked at his inability to find my location! So, when the audiologist asked me if we wanted to give it a try, I told her we open to trying it out and seeing what happens. This morning, Ryan wanted no part in wearing two BAHAs, but this afternoon opened up to the idea and actually requested it. It will be interesting to see if there will be a significant difference noticed here at home or at school. Not sure if we will proceed with a second one as we are still unsure as to the time line of the surgeries and exactly what route we are taking regarding surgery. The audiologist did feel fairly confident that even after the surgery that he will need a device for amplification as most children do even after the surgery. However, after the surgery he might be a candidate for a regular hearing aid as he would then have a middle ear and an outer ear to hook it around. Well, that is the update for now... Still more decisions to be made and lots of observing over the course of the next two weeks! So, how do you wear two BAHA's? Just like this... I hope he won't interfere with all the wireless technology out there as this little boy is wired!

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