Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Decisions Decisions

We just have too much going on around here and we have had to make too many decisions lately... So, I am have decided that I am done making decisions and that is the last decision I am going to make. Okay, that lasted a grand total of 10 seconds. I have absolutely no desire to have a house built. Light fixtures - can, hanging, or ceiling mount? How many outlets on a wall? What kind of carpet? What color carpet? What sort of pile on the carpet? What paint color? Which of the 2400 shades of that color? Paper or plastic? Ooops - Earth Day is tomorrow - That really shouldn't be a question! Back to the point, one decision then leads to five other questions.

Yes, we are in the midst of renovating, but as of now we are in the midst of pursuing surgery for Ryan. As of Sunday, we made the decision to pursue Medpor surgery for Ryan's outer ear reconstruction. I made the initial phone call yesterday and have yet to receive a return phone call. We do not know much at this point except we believe that this is the best option for Ryan. If Ryan is a candidate for the inner ear reconstruction, then we will pursue a combined surgery in which two or three renowned doctors (one of which 'invented' the Medpor surgery) will assemble in one location (northern California) and perform both surgeries (inner and outer ear) in one very long surgery on one ear. We would return several months later for the second ear. Still lots of unknowns especially with regard to insurance coverage (if any), but we are moving forward and will see where this journey takes us. We know without a doubt that God brought this little boy into our lives for a reason and that He will take care of the details. He will guide us along the paths necessary to get Ryan where He wants him to achieve the purpose He has for Ryan's life!! I believe this wholeheartedly! Am I still a little scared and unsure? You betcha!!

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