Friday, May 21, 2010



May 2008 Our ENT says that Ryan is a good candidate for surgery and even says that we might need to schedule it a month later so that he has a greater opportunity to develop language.

May 2008 A surgeon reads Ryan's CT scan and lists out everything in technical terms about what is present in Ryan's middle/inner ear structure, but requests that we send information once Ryan is closer to 5 or 6 years of age.

May 2010 (yesterday) A different surgeon tells us that Ryan scored a 3 on his right ear and a 5 on his left ear on a 10 point scale. 3 = 30% chance of restoring hearing 5 = 50% chance of restoring hearing. This surgeon does not recommend surgery for scores 0-5. His recommendation is a BAHA. Now, that is our interpretation of the results as we understand them via web information. We have yet to speak to anyone by phone and have just been communicating by email.

Based on all the previous doctor interactions, I never anticipated these results! I am puzzled and just merely shocked!! I was prepared for one ear not being a possible option, but never thought that both ears would be out of the question.

Where do we go from here? We will go back to the other surgeon that was requesting information and have another CT scan just as a second opinion. If he scores the scans differently (which does not appear very promising) then we will take it from there as far as decision making goes. If not, we will continue to look into the outer ear reconstruction and putting the post in for his BAHA. At this point, the combined surgery (outer and inner ear) is not an option for Ryan.

Although we are shocked, we are thankful that God is guiding us and closing the doors for us along the way.

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