Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do You Hear It?

The angels singing? Believe it or not, I actually SPOKE TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE!!! Yes, someone answered the phone when I called today! We have the go ahead to get a new CT scan done by the 2nd May 2008 doctor mentioned in our earlier post. So, I will hopefully be able to have our pediatrician begin that process and we will get that scheduled soon. Once again, we don't think there will be much difference as both doctors use the same rating scale. But, I do know that God is God and He has moved mountains when it comes to Ryan. I know. I know. I keep saying that, but it is true and we fully believe it. We are fully prepared that Ryan won't be a candidate now that the shock has worn off, but would not be surprised if there "happened" to be a change in the results.

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