Friday, November 30, 2007

Administrative/Travel Marathon

Whew! We are plugging along with preparations for travel. Our Power of Attorney letters arrived yesterday from Washington D.C. (after going to our local and state government) and the passports with visas arrived moments ago. Rylee and I spent about an hour and a half at Wal-Mart buying all of the over-the-counter medications we needed, the rest of the gifts for the orphanage directors and other administrative people that they will deal with in China (culturally expected). What did we buy? Jelly bellies and Ghiradelli chocolate for all - since last time we ended up giving a man a make-up bag complete with nail polish and lipstick. We didn't expect to deal with so many men - Thankfully, they do not open the gifts in front of the giver. We also got all of the prescription medications filled (antibiotics, nausea meds, cream for scabies) - "just in case" meds. as we call them. I know there will be at least one more run to Wal-Mart for food for the guys to eat - didn't know what they wanted to take this time. Tomorrow, Morgan and I will head out and buy the little guy some clothes...We had nothing until Weds. when mom hit Kohls and bought Ryan a few pair of pants and shirts as an early Christmas present. Today, we picked him up some socks and pjs. We hope to finish that tomorrow. We had put it off thinking we could take care of all of that during the after Christmas sales - there we go "thinking" again! HA!!! In the midst of all of this chaos, Mike has been out of town and Morgan has a big project due before he leaves. Busy, busy!!! That is our status 5/6 days before travel!!

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