Thursday, November 8, 2007

The countdown is On!

We have been quite busy since our post last week. Grandma Reagle came in Friday from Denver for a visit and was here through Wednesday, we have been putting together a little care package for Ryan, and we submitted our acceptance paperwork to the agency (see photo - Do they look excited, or what?!?). Our travel meeting is scheduled for Monday night. At that time, they will walk us through the pile of paperwork that we still have to complete and they will give us a "tentative" travel date. One of our biggest conflicts about adopting again was the travel. Well, due to the timing of this adoption and Rylee's age, it will be Mike and Morgan traveling to China to bring home Ryan. Morgan is excited, but also a little hesitant. Mike is now a bit reluctant as well since we found out that our travel group has only 2 other couples in it. Now, it is possible that they will combine some travel groups, but not necessarily a given. Last time, we traveled with a total of 17 families (or thereabouts) so, this will be a very different experience - But, hey, nothing about this adoption has been the same as our last adoption! Once we have a tentative travel date, I will post it! In our paperwork last week, we received a little more medical information on Ryan and our international adoption physician said that the information appears fairly positive. Now, we can't say that is actually the case until we have him actually examined and tested here, but it is possible that Ryan might be a candidate for reconstructive surgery and a BAHA (implant device). Check back again soon!

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