Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Big 75!

Hmmm....Wonder what that means??? Can you guess???

Today was the day....WE GOT THE CALL!!! Our LOA is here!!!! I don't have a lot of details as I received the call at the most inconvenient time - in the middle of Morgan getting his allergy and flu shots - My phone should have been turned off to begin with. Morgan is standing there and we were talking to our favorite nurse (Morgan has been getting these for probably close to 5 years now so, we know her pretty well) when all of a sudden the circus music begins - My cell phone is set to this music that sounds like a circus...Anyways, I went to turn it off when the nurse told me to go ahead and answer it as it did not bother her...Low and behold, it was THE CALL!!! Morgan was utterly tickled and she had to call him back for his flu shot because he was so excited that he forgot he was getting another shot. I have to go back and figure out some more things regarding the protocol from here, but I won't have time until I have two little guys asleep. I must admit that it was one of those days with Rylee (the whining, crying, etc) that I wanted to pull my hair out and our schedule was absolutely crazy...And God chose this day to tell us that we are absolutely crazy that His timing is perfect and reassured us that we are doing what He has called us to do! I will keep you posted as I find the time to process everything, await the "official" paperwork, and do a little research.

8:04 Information Update: I finally got everyone bathed and settled and had a chance to look up our original documentation from the agency. It states " once your LOA arrives it is typically another 6-8 weeks to travel." We may have the best gift under our Christmas tree this year...He will probably be in total culture shock (especially with Christmas stuff adorning the house and a huge tree stuck in the middle of the family room), but he will be surrounded with lots of love!!

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