Tuesday, November 13, 2007

China Bound

We have a date!!! Not as early as we wanted, but WE HAVE A DATE!! Our Mike and Morgan's tentative date of departure is JANUARY 3. Given these dates, this is the tentative schedule...

Leave for Beijing on January 3rd.
Arrive in Beijing on January 4th.
Leave Beijing on the evening of January 6th for the Fujian province and probably the city of Fuzhou.
Gotcha' Day would be on January 7.
Leave Fuzhou on January 11th for Guangzhou.
Consulate appointment in Guangzhou on the 15th - Oath Ceremony on the 16th.
Depart for home on January 17th.

Those are all approximate dates based on their usual schedule. Of course, Mike and Morgan might have to stay a day or two longer due to the Martin Luther King holiday. That is the latest and we will know more specifics as we get into December.

51 more days!

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