Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Eve

I know, I know it's not Christmas eve. Despite the fact that we are on opposite sides of the sun, it's still not Christmas eve here either. Yet somehow it is. As I sit here wide awake and unable to sleep I am like a child on Christmas eve. Waiting with eager anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow we will descend the staircase (albeit at an airport) like Christmas morning, having waited for this moment for so long. Just like that first Christmas morning, God has the gift of a son to present to a mother. While this child unlike that first Christmas morning is not perfect (you'll have to trust me on this one! : ) ) it is a divine appointment just the same. God has chosen to place this imperfect son into our imperfect family in His most perfect way. And THAT is what makes it special. Like that first Christmas, tomorrow is the fulfillment of that promise of a son. While I cannot speak for Mary, I can speak for the mom in Kentucky, and Ryan QuiWen (insert last name here) I tell you this: God could not have placed you with a more loving, kind, and compassionate mommy. She has been a gift to us, and she will be a gift to you. God is Good.

But I am reminded of a lesson that God continues to teach me, and that is this: Beware of allowing your tomorrow to steal your today. Many of us have fond memories of Christmas. The family, the dinner, the packages, etc. But fewer of us have significant memories of Christmas eve. Why? Because we allowed the anticipation of tomorrow to overshadow the gift of today. Today is our last day in China. We have no reason to believe that we will ever walk this way again (but we have learned to never say never to God! : ) ). We are determined to spend our last day for what it is. A single gift from God to be enjoyed and lived out. Not in anticipation of tomorrow, but simply for what it is; Today. We will head off to the zoo this morning and to our consulate appointment in the afternoon. We received the call yesterday that all of our paperwork has cleared so we are on schedule to leave tomorrow. But while our hearts are ready to leave, we are committed to being here, and moving forward with what God has planned for us today. Perhaps God led us to the other side of the world simply to teach us this lesson of taking one day at a time. Open it up and see what's inside. It's a gift from a loving Father how could it be anything less than amazing. Here's to living in the moment.

The 3 Muskateers

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