Sunday, December 23, 2007

First Outing

Well, we ventured out on Friday and made our annual trek to visit Santa. Okay, we still need some work in logistics - what to bring, who gets who, who takes who to the restroom, who gets what stroller, how many strollers do we need, who is pushing who, who is going to give Morgan driving lessons in the stroller department, who is going to get the meals, etc, etc, etc. Hey, we saw Santa, did a little shopping, ate lunch, and made it home with all 3 children - All during the Christmas rush. We Reagles dive right in!

Sleep is still an issue with 2 out of the 3 Muskateers...the biggest and the smallest. Rylee has taken on the night shift - she has crawled into his bed several times in an attempt to comfort Ryan.

This was the day Rylee has been talking about for months...The day she would get to take Ryan for a ride in the Gator. Luckily, yesterday was beautiful and we were able to take the crew outside to play for awhile and Rylee's long awaited day finally came!

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