Monday, December 10, 2007

Whew! The Tough Part is Over

Well we made it, almost without incident. We completed all of the necessary paperwork and paid all of the fees necessary and now by all of the laws governing the People's Republic of China, Ming Qui Wen is now Ryan Qui Wen Reagle and officially part of our family. Whooooah! : ) We did all this this morning and then our guide took us to Wal-Mart to get some supplies, food, shoes, etc. We then had the rest of the day to just relax take a nap (one took at good nap, one dozed off a while, and one took no nap at decide which was which!) : ) This afternoon we walked next door to a nice little park. We were able to hook up with another American family and spend some time with them. you're still wondering....what did I mean by "almost without incident" in the first line? Let me first tell you the things I did right: All children were clothed, fed and on time to meet our guide. I remembered to bring all of the orphanage fees. I remembered to bring all adoption fees and notary fees. I remembered to bring all necessary paperwork related to the power of attorney, passports etc. I remembered to bring all the necessary gifts to give the important people we would be seeing. So have you figured out what I forgot yet? If not, quit looking down on me because you obviously forgot it too! : ) Yes, I indeed forgot our camera on this most important of days. : ( But fear not, God was smiling down on us (some might say laughing at my thinking I had everything under control, yet as often is the case, my woeful inadequacies) : ) At any rate, He saw fit to provide another family that just happened to have an extra camera that they could loan us for a few hours (they are adopting too, and actually staying at the same hotel). At any rate, alls well that ends well and below are some pix from our day....please excuse the formatting....pix are of: orphanage staff, view out our window and several of Ryan/Morgan.

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