Sunday, December 9, 2007

Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning to you (at least from our little corner of the world). I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to give you a little more detail on our day yesterday. They whisked us off to the airport at about 9 am. Once we got there unfortunately there were 3 families, 2 flights, and one guide. Someone had to draw the short straw. The guide went with the 2 families leaving out of terminal one and she found someone (still not completely clear who he was) to make sure that we got to our terminal and got checked in appropriately. Despite the fact that he spoke not one word of English and we spoke not one word of Chinese (OK, so maybe one, we know how to say "thank you") we managed to get onto our flight to Fuzhou (no clue if that's spelled right but since I figure none of you know any different we'll just pretend that I know what I'm talking about at this point OK?) : ) We landed in Fuzhou got our bags and Katherine our guide was waiting for us. Once in the car we were bombarded with questions about the necessary paperwork (don't get me wrong, she was nice, it was just very overwhelming...we thought we were checking into the hotel first and instead it was right off to the agency). It was about an hour to the site and then about a 10 minute wait after we got there. They brought Ryan in and he basically screamed bloody murder the entire time we were there (not to mention he's a pretty stout little fella and he was using EVERY muscle in his body to get away from me). At one point I let him down to walk a bit. He walked directly over to the door, unlatched it and opened it....he's a pretty sharp little guy! At any rate, the ride back to the hotel was relatively short and he really chilled out once we got to our room (he must be accustomed to 5 star Chinese Hotels) : ) We were in the room several hours last evening and he really did pretty well. He and Morgan did some pretty good bonding prior to Morgan just crashing and burning at about 6:30.....he just climbed up on the bed and was out almost instantly. Poor little guy....we can't seem to sleep much past 2 or 3 am these days which makes evening time pretty rough for both of us! Well, I guess I should run, I have lots to do this morning prior to meeting the guide to go off to the civil affairs office to pay our fees and sign all of the official paperwork. Have a good night and we will hopefully post some some more pix by the time you get up in the morning.

The 3 Muskateers working the night shift while you sleep. : )

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