Saturday, December 15, 2007

Medical Exam - He Passed!

We really had no concerns about his health with the obvious exception of his hearing. Because we knew about that prior to coming, that would not have been a deal breaker for us or the Chinese government. But get this, he passed the hearing exam! Now before you get too excited, please remember that the hearing exam is primitive to say the least. Here it is (I kid you not)..... the nurse/physician plays a few notes on a fisher price piano. At the same time, she secretly raises a squeaky toy with her other hand. If the child is distracted by the squeaky toy and looks over at it, he/she passes. Well Ryan passed with no problems. It doesn't mean by any stretch that his hearing is perfect, but it certainly "medically" (can I use that term for this kind of test?! they WERE dressed in medical clothes you know... : ) ) confirms what we have believed; that being that he has more hearing than we had initially thought. God is Good.

We are off to church this morning. Not exactly sure what this will entail but I suppose we'll see. Last time we were in China it was a pretty moving experience. The first church we went to on the first Sunday was only for "foreigners". There was something about being in a Christian church worshipping Jesus, in the middle of a communist/Buddhist nation that wants nothing to do with Him, that was very moving. The following Sunday we worshipped just with our travel group but had the opportunity to worship with our two Chinese guides (both of whom are Christians). Neither of them could get through the song they were singing without breaking into tears. Being a Christian in China is VERY different then being a Christian in America. May we strive to have the boldness with our faith that these individuals have with theirs.

Finally, here's an explanation of the pix below....several are at the medical exam, one is a picture of the park that we walked each afternoon in Fuzhou, and one is with our guide prior to leaving the hotel in Fuzhou (and notice the background.....yes that is a CHRISTMAS tree. Funny how a communist country has no problems putting up a CHRISTMAS tree, yet we fight about it in America and have to be politically correct and call it a "Holiday" tree. Sorry, couldn't resist the irony in this....)

Alright, we're off to start our Sunday. 4 days and counting.

The Three Muskateers

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