Friday, December 7, 2007

Safe & Sound

Okay, I am not really sure about the "sound" part - How sound can you really be after traveling over 24 hours?? Just got a message from Mike that they arrived and are in their hotel in Beijing. It is around midnight and they have a busy, busy day tomorrow sightseeing. Hopefully, they will acclimate to the time zone quickly. Mike said that he will try to post to the blog tomorrow night (which would be tomorrow morning for us). Since I hadn't heard from them and was becoming a bit concerned, I had lots of scenarios running through my mind...Okay, now I can relax a bit more....Good night boys!!!

On the Home front: Rylee and I were cleaning up Morgan's room since I gave him a "free pass" on the morning of departure and Rylee began talking about Ryan. Well, she started in on "No Morgan's Ryan, my Ryan." I tried to convince her that we are a family and that Ryan is "Mommy's Ryan, Rylee's Ryan, Daddy's Ryan, and Morgan's Ryan". Well, let me tell you...She did not like that! I figured there would be jealousy, but never did I imagine possessiveness - Hmmmm....Should be interesting once everyone arrives home!

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