Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Exclusive Panda Facts for Mrs. Bugg's Class

Thanks for writing me back.....Below are the answers to the questions you posted....

How much food does a panda eat in a day? They eat up to 18 kg (40lbs) of bamboo leaves and stems or 39kg (86lbs) of shoots. They usually spend 14 hours a day eating!

Did you have fun seeing the pandas? Yes because I got to see them up close and see them eat .

Do you know how long a panda's life span is? Pandas can live for about 20 years in the wild.

Did you find out the average weight? The average weight is 220 pounds or 100 kg.

Do panda bears hibernate? The panda does not hibernate because it cannot store enough fat from a bamboo diet.

Some other interesting Panda facts are:
1) There are only about 1600 Pandas living in the wild
2) Pandas are good at climbing trees. They can also swim.

Are you ready to come back home and to school? A little bit .

Peace out ya'll!

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