Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It was Wednesday so we went to “Church”…..Sort of….

Today was an interesting day. Our guide took us to the largest Buddhist Temple here in the Fujian Province (I'm sure I butchered the spelling of that huh?). It was a very interesting morning. We were actually able to go inside the temple where the praying and the incense and the sacrifice things happen. Very, very interesting. Unfortunately we were not able to take pix on the inside, but we did take some from the outside. After the temple, she took us to a “tea tasting” of sorts. Apparently Fuzhou is known for it’s teas, so we got to go sample some of the tea grown here (I may have finally learned why my mom would use the phrase “for all the tea in China”!). Anyway, it was an interesting cultural experience for us today as we sampled the culture of the province.

One of the more interesting things of the day though was that we also drove past the largest state run orphanage in the province and since Ryan’s orphanage is 4-5 hours a way and we won’t get to see it, I just asked if maybe we could see that one. Our guide made some calls and was able to get us an appointment for tomorrow at 2 pm. While it won’t be either of our kids orphanage, it will hopefully give us at least a glimpse into what they experienced prior to being placed with us. I’m not sure what to expect, or how we’ll respond, but I think it’s important to go just to try and understand just a little bit better.

Finally, as you can tell by the pictures, the boys are getting along great. The ball playing and the wrestling has officially commenced. Both seem to be taking to the idea of having a brother VERY well.
: ) God is good.

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